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Josh/Donna with preexisting kids?

Does anyone have recs for Josh/Donna stories in which one or both has a child with someone else? Could be AU in which there's a child from a previous relationship that everyone knows about, or one in which Josh finds out during the story that he has a child he wasn't told about, or Donna had a child before she joined the campaign and never told anyone, or... anything like that. Thanks!
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I have just started a new J/D fanfiction blog, all new fiction from 2009. I have a series I just started last week, there's two chapters so far, in which Donna gets pregnant from someone else (let's call him one of her revolving door of Gomers) and Josh/Donna angst and relationship development will come of it...
I basically stole the story from Studio 60's romance between Danny Tripp and Jordan McDeere and adapted it to fit Josh and Donna...
Check it out here: The series is called Muffins, Bagels and Baby Names.


I'd LOVE any feedback... spread the word!