Kristina (danceprincess20) wrote in tww_recs,

Hope this is allowed

If this isn't allowed just let me know. I am new to the West Wing (I actually haven't watched all the way through yet but know generally what happens) and am looking for a place to start.

There is so much fan fic and it seems very scattered. I've been though the recommendations here but are there any Josh/Donna must reads or places where someone else has asked this? I'm specifically interested in post finale work fic (I've seen a lot that are more focused on Josh/Donna's personal life which is good but I'm also interested in the way they interact/don't interact at work) or stories that also include other pairings (Sam/Ainsley perhaps?). Or just Sam/Ainsley?

Thanks :)
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I don't read a lot of josh/donna, I am a devout slasher, but this fic was insanely brilliant enough that I adore it anyway. I'd actually say that it's the best fic in the fandom fullstop. Even better, it's only really based on the first 2 seasons or so.